Melt Truck | Victoria, BC

So what do you get when you combine top quality ingredients? You get a top quality product right? Right!! Well that theory is at least proven true by the perfectly delicious breakfast sandwiches and cheesy bacony grilled cheese sandwiches served up by The Melt food truck. I got you drooling already didn’t I?

Unfortunately for my waistline this food truck decided to park behind my office. Not the greatest location to attract passers-by (near the corner of Rock Bay Ave. and Bay St.) but great for me!

Bacon breakfast sandwich

Bacon breakfast sandwich

In the morning they serve up a few different breakfast sandwiches. The buns they use are from Bond Bond’s bakery. I vote these as the best buns. These are the same buns that make Pink Bike burgers so good. Then they use Red Barn Bacon, arguably the best bacon in town. So now you see where I’m going with this? Perfectly cooked egg, melted cheese, lots of crispy thick cut bacon, all sandwiched in a soft and perfectly chewy bun = happiness. For lunch they serve a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches also made using Bond Bond’s bread and various ingredients such as bacon jam, fried onions, banana peppers, Red Barn bacon, pulled pork and more. I always go straight for the one with mass amounts of bacon goodness (I think it’s called Bacon, Bacon, and more Bacon?). Specials are always unique, always delicious, and always changing. I highly recommend.

Melt Truck Inc – 2519B Rock Bay Avenue, Victoria, BC

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