Hank’s Untraditional BBQ | Victoria, BC

Hank’s is the new kid on the block on Douglas Street, sporting a limited 14 seat bar and cranking out some unreal food. Co owner Clark Deutscher was so kind as to be one of our expert judges in the Bacon Showdown blind tasting. Their menu is packed full of delicious BBQ combo plates, which I haven’t tried yet, but it’s really their less traditional entrees that keep us coming back.

Taylor’s thoughts….

The last time I was there, Janine and I were a little rushed to get to the Clipper in time, so we split the wild boar and bison bolognese, with homemade pappardelle pasta and a duck egg on top (UHHHH hello a BBQ place that makes their own pasta?!?!). The homemade pasta was cooked perfectly, and the bolognese was so delicious, with a really nice richness and depth of flavour that can only come from their creative combo of game meats. The duck egg on top was also a fantastic addition; cracking into the yolk and spreading it around was an awesome added luxurious ingredient. 


Janine’s thoughts….

I tried their special the other day of Mexican pulled beef with pickled vegetables all served on a fresh biscuit. The dish was truly an explosion of flavour amazingness. The beef was extremely moist and tender and the vegetables were crisp to contrast with the tenderness of the beef. I’m not usually a fan of biscuits as I find them too heavy and doughy but these were light and flakey and you can truly taste that they were freshly baked.


Compared to when they first opened Hank’s now offers an extensive menu along with a daily ever changing specials. I really love their commitment to using local and fresh produce and meats as well as working on making everything from scratch where possible. It’s obvious to see a lot of thought, dedication and passion goes into each of their dishes and it makes me keep on coming back for more. This place truly is a little gourmet gem in Victoria!

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